Educational Policy


Educational policy of Chikyumura RAKUHOKU Japanese Language Academy

RAKUHOKU Japanese Language Academy utilizes Chikyumura Gakuen Group Rakuhoku Gakuen's teaching know-how of 54 years and its experience of teaching Japanese language to foreign students and people in Japan for more than 30 years to help students master real Japanese useful in everyday life, academic Japanese for university study, and technical Japanese necessary for working at a Japanese company.

In the rapidly globalizing international society, our task is not only to provide traditional Japanese language education, but also to gather excellent students, researchers and engineers from around the world and help them learn real Japanese as well as the tradition, culture and history of Japan and the world, so that they can become global leaders who are capable of contributing to international society of the 21st century. 

 In the 7 billion world population, each of you are a unique and special existence. Learn real Japanese, cooperate with other young people in the world through many experiences, and develop yourself as a global leader in international society to fulfill your dream and the world's dream.

     Young people of the world! Take each other’s hands!


Get over the difference of language, history, culture, ethnicity, religion and nationality!


                         Boys, Be ambitious


Features of RAKUHOKU Japanese Language Academy – internationally unique Japanese language school -

1. Learning real Japanese ——through a variety of hands-on experiences

 Our academy not only offers the traditional training of "reading, writing, listening and speaking" in classroom, but also offers our students opportunities of various hands-on experiences as part of extracurricular activities, enabling them to learn real, practical, academic and technical Japanese.

 Students learn authentic Japanese through visits to historical and cultural facilities of the old capital Kyoto, museums of traditional industries, art and historical materials, welfare facilities, hospitals, and universities (32 universities in Kyoto), and participation in workshops and various lectures. (Students will also get to live with Japanese university students in the dormitory, using Japanese in everyday life.)


2. Instruction to pass the entrance examination for Japanese universities and graduate schools ——everyone can enter a university!

 Our passionate teaching staff, who also teach at Kyoto University, are crucial part of Rakuhoku Gakuen’s 54-year-old college preparation division, having successfully helped our students pass the examination for Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine while in high school for two years in a row or pass the examination with the highest score among high school student applicants. They rigorously teach students how to pass the entrance examination for renowned national, public and private universities and graduate schools in Japan in a short period of time of preparation. We also hold an orientation for university applicants, inviting representatives of many universities (providing information about admission, admission by recommendation, etc).


3. Job-hunting support and introducing job openings ——supported by Rakuhoku Gakuen and non-profit organization

 Extracurricular activities at the supporting and cooperating companies of the non-profit organization Chikyumura International Student Exchange Center and hands-on experience at various enterprises increase students’ chance of finding employment after graduation. With the network that Rakuhoku Gakuen has established over 54 years and the supporting and cooperating companies of the non-profit organization, we provide our students with full career support and introduce job openings to them.


4. Exchange events for Japanese and international students – for a new vision in the 21st century!

 The non-profit organization Chikyumura International Student Exchange Center hosts an exchange event for Japanese and international students three times every year with the support of many organizations. It is an opportunity for young people of the world to be united by strong affection through learning about the culture and history of each other’s country and understanding and respecting one another, in pursuit of a new hopeful vision of global leaders of the 21st century.


5. Major event – World Festival

 The non-profit organization hosts a major event where Japanese high school and university students and international students introduce their respective country or ethnic group’s culture and art. Supported by many companies, organizations and related high school and university clubs, the event is a major world festival with participants ranging from small children to students, adults and elderly people.