Welcoming excellent students from around the world to Rakuhoku Gakuen! Learning Japanese language, preparation for entrance examination for renowned Japanese universities and graduate schools, job-hunting


1.Japanese language course for international students


Teaching Japanese language and culture to excellent students from around the world


2.College entrance preparation course for international students


Preparing excellent students from around the world for entrance examination for Japanese universities (private, public and national universities)


3.Japanese language course and high school/college entrance preparation course for foreign residents in Japan


Teaching Japanese to foreign elementary school / junior high school / senior high school / university students and adults residing in Japan and preparing them for entrance examination for high school and university


4.Non-profit organization Chikyumura International Student Exchange Center


Language exchange participated by international students, foreign students residing in Japan and Japanese pupils, students and adults


Aiming to serve as a base for international cultural exchange through cultural exchange and volunteer activities. Cooperators wanted--