Student Life

With the help of the non-profit organization Chikyumura International Student Exchange Center, our academy offers a variety of activities to make students’ life in Japan enjoyable and meaningful.


● Extracurricular activities

  ・Exchange events with Japanese and international students and with Kyoto citizens

  ・Events for introducing the food, music, dance, ethnic costume, theatre and games of various countries

  ・Exhibition of products of Japan and other countries, show of a Japanese play, exhibition of traditional games                     in Japan and other countries including cookies, sweets, songs, dance, origami etc.

  ・Sightseeing of the old capital Kyoto (museums, shrines, temples, castle, three major festivals, tea ceremony,      

           flower arrangement, pottery, farm, orchard, botanical garden, traditional performing arts, Nishijin-ori,


  ・Workshops (making Japanese sweets, soba, udon, pottery, plant dyeing etc. )

  ・Visit to an animation course of a university

● Volunteer activities

 Beautification of Kyoto City, planting trees, communication with and support to orphans and elderly people, exchange with foreign residents in Japan

 Support to homeless people, visit to nursing home

● Attendance

 Attendance to class is an important part of study. Students with low attendance may be denied continued enrollment at the academy.

● Health Examination

 We conduct a health examination on all students upon their enrollment to ensure their healthy life in Japan. This health examination is conducted annually and students in the 2-year course are to take it twice.

● Part-time job

Foreigners in Japan with the status of residence “Student” must not work unless they have the permission of the Immigration Bureau to “engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted” in advance. Those with the permission may work part-time for up to 28 hours a week, but our academy does not approve our students to work part-time in principle, as we expect students to concentrate on their study. Therefore students are advised to prepare enough funds to cover the duration of their study.

  We award scholarships to top-performing students and those who are admitted to renowned universities (ranging from \30,000 to \200,000).


● Recreation

Sports festival, hiking, barbecue, home party, Christmas party, mountain climbing, concert and theatre

● Dormitory

 Students brush up their Japanese language skills through living together with Japanese university students.