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Incorporated Educational Institution (applying for authorization) Chikyumura Gakuen Group


Kyoto, Japan’s old capital with 1,200 years of tradition, is home to many prestigious universities such as Kyoto University and Doshisha University. Our academy is located in Sakyo-ku, a part in Kyoto City that has a particularly academic atmosphere. You can study Japanese in a quiet environment and work towards admission to a university under the guidance of Rakuhoku Gakuen’s college preparation division (everyone can pass college entrance examination). You will also have a chance to receive the support of the non-profit organization Chikyumura International Student Exchange Center in finding a job at a Japanese company.




Incorporated Educational Institution (applying for authorization)



Chikyumura Gakuen Group



Rakuhoku Gakuen (55th anniversary)



RAKUHOKU Japanese Language Academy



College preparation school



Non-profit organization



Establishment of welfare/care/nursing facilities



Chikyumura International Student Exchange Center



Establishment of Japanese language schools in major cities and universities in Japan and overseas



Establishment of Japanese teacher training schools



We send competent Japanese teachers to Japanese language schools and universities overseas to teach Japanese and introduce Japanese culture, contributing to international exchange with Japan



Research, development and production of Japanese textbooks for Japanese language school





54 years of Rakuhoku Gakuen

Advisor to major publishing companies

As a leading cram school in Kyoto with 54 years of tradition and accomplishments, we have been giving advice on question making and editing of reference and exercise books for college entrance examination for many years at the request of major publishing companies.


Adviser to newspaper publishers

We have served for many years as an advisor to newspaper publishers on writing articles on education.


Commentaries on entrance examination questions on TV

Our teaching staff are highly acclaimed for their TV commentaries on questions given at university entrance examinations.


Our academy’s principal has served as the director of Kyoto division and an executive director of the nationwide association of cram schools and college preparation schools for many years, and contributed greatly to the incorporation of cram schools nationwide. In addition, he has been teaching Japanese to foreign students and adults living in Japan for more than 30 years, ranging from everyday conversation to academic Japanese.


Past accomplishments

We have produced many excellent students in the past, including those who were admitted to Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine with the highest score among high school student applicants, successful applicants to Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine for two years in a row, and having every junior high school student pass the entrance examination to public high schools for ten years in a row. Up until now, tens of thousands of our graduates have passed the entrance examination to renowned elementary, junior high, senior high schools and universities, many of whom are now working actively in Japan and the world.